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Episode 44: Vocalist, Douye

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DOUYE is a seasoned singer whose soulful and delicate approach to jazz vocal has captured the interest of many in the last year. Her chart topping album ‘Daddy Said So’ features legendary jazz musicians including Ron Carter, Kenny Baron, and John Clayton just to mention a few. Join Douye and Lorens as she talks about many educative yet fun things like how to approach a song that has been done many times. (Song Credit: 'Someone to watch over me', 'Lush Life', 'Besame Mucho', 'Round Midnight', 'But Beautiful' by Douye).

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On this podcast, Lorens Chuno presents captivating conversations with enterprising jazz musicians. These conversations are free-form in nature and casually explore the work life of these artists; but don't be surprised to hear their 'starting out' stories, their opinions on current issues, and maybe one or two pieces of advice for people interested in their chosen art field. Come here every week for a new episode of the podcast, and find out how these inspiring jazz practitioners DO JAZZ.

Prior to August 30th, 2017, "Doing Jazz" was known as "Doing Art".

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More About Douye

Douye’ is a Nigerian born Jazz recording artist based in Los Angeles, Ca. She began singing in church at the age of 7 years of age after her father and Godmother urged her to join a local church choir. Afterwards, Douye’ took interest in writing poems which then led to her writing songs. Whilst growing up, Douye’s father involved her in listening to various kinds of music but mostly Jazz. Douye’ would listen to jazz greats daily sitting by her father and paying close attention to the sounds of it all. In that process, Douye’ gained strong interest in Jazz. During Douye’s teen years, she moved on to Europe to pursue her interest in music, afterwards, she moved onto America and settled in Los Angeles, Ca to study voice at a music college called Musicians Institute located in the heart of Hollywood. She was later introduced to English renowned songwriter, Terry Shaddick known for the song titled “Physical” by Olivia Newton John. Shaddick took interest in Douye’s zeal and determination to pursue music as a career and began mentoring her and writing songs with her. They both coined Douye’s debut and sophomore album which gained great attention in the music world. After the completion of Douye’s second album titled “So Much Love”, she was moved by the promise she made to her father when he was dying.

When Douye’ was 11 years old, she had promised her father that she was going to become an accomplished Jazz artist after she becomes an adult. But after his passing, she went to live life and a recorded a couple of classic R&B albums but couldn’t live with herself after her second album with the promise she made to her father at heart, haunting her day in day out. At the end of 2014, she consciously agreed within herself that, she was going to move on and pursue Jazz onwards and not look back. With that thought in mind, she began crafting a concrete plan towards that goal. She selected the songs and began soughting after the musicians that she would want to work with on her debut jazz album.

On July 7th, 2017, she released her debut Jazz album which is also her third album; the album is titled “Daddy Said So”. Right after its release, the album Daddy Said So continues to gain significant momentum in the Jazz world which now places Douye’ as a valuable interest as well as an artist with great potential and on a great rise. Daddy Said So remained on the Jazz Weekly Charts for at least 25 weeks and more. Douye’ sound is considered to be unique, pure, captivating, alluring, beautiful and sophisticated. Her voice is warm and enduring, filled with emotions as she sings. Douye’ says, “I sing right from my heart, that’s my magic, that’s the only way I can convey the message, the story of the song, that’s the only way I know how to do it, if I don’t feel it, I am not touching it. My music is my truth and my life”.

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